Week 17HJ – See Saw and the Hero’s Journey

I see limitations in all the words I write. Words no longer express the joy I feel. I’m blaming words for not flowing but words aren’t the only thing. I recognize the tension, I haven’t done all my homework. I still have to do… what.

I have been taking a class.  At least I’ve treated this Master Key Master Mind Alliance like a class, a study class.  If anything, it’s an exercise class,  mental calisthenics. My mind is a muscle. I’m ready to lift a little weight (please refrain from other thoughts and comments about my derriere).

My former thoughts and feelings about class, homework assignments, and a bit of competition have skewed  my perspective.

I apologize for the delay, I know that’s not necessary. I appreciate the patience of my future self.  With my press release firmly outlined, I saw how these exercises have been warm-ups, stretches and endurance training for the long haul. I not only walk new trails, I climb new heights.

When I began this course I wrote about a destination much like throwing a dart at a map. I did not see all the intricacies involved or the people involved. What I did see was satisfaction and I’ve continued to see and feel satisfaction as this course has progressed.

Now I can look back from the destination and at people who were friends and helpers, places that were restful havens, foods that were delicious and nutritious.

I have a different measure today of the progress this journey takes.

9 thoughts on “Week 17HJ – See Saw and the Hero’s Journey

  1. David Vance

    Well said, Anita. I think most of us start a “class” with an expectation of the workload and the end result. Most of us have had traditional education that only requires short-term dedication to the subject and a few exams to see how well we memorized the material.

    Not so here! MKMMA kicks my tail (speaking of derrieres) every week and I only see an ongoing involvement if I ever want to truly benefit from it long-term.

    Exhausting, but so worthwhile!

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    1. Anita Marsano Post author

      Thanks for commenting, thanks for understanding. Trusting the process I now enthusiastically await new exercises. The older lessons no longer spin my head. I persist until I am organized and do all the exercises swiftly and effortlessly as I warm up for a productive day that I greet with love in my heart.

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  2. ceqceq123

    “I not only walk new trails, I climb new heights” “I have a different measure today of the progress this journey takes” “words no longer express the joy I feel”

    Wonderful post Anita. I appreciate all that you wrote.

    Have a beautiful day and pass it on.



  3. Laura Hitt

    I love the metaphor you used of initially seeing your destination as if throwing a dart on a map. Helps me picture it. Sounds like your learning is deepening and you are making loads of progress, more than you initially thought.


  4. askgary

    It is an ebb and flow, give and take, forgiveness of fault and desire for more. Enjoy the ride and keep your compass out and pointed true North! Thanks for the share!



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