About Anita

You’re touching base with a girl who’s been on many roads.  I’m an American who was born in Texas, raised in Mississippi. I’ve lived in Nashville, TN; Chicago, IL; Tampa Bay, FL and Germany where I stood beside Clydesdales. Ich spreche ein wenig deutsch. Anita

I’ve traveled from Denmark to Italy, from Thailand to Austria crossing the international date line a couple of times; been shaded by leaves beneath teak trees in Doi Inthanon National Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand and felt like I was standing beside Clydesdales.

Canada has cooled me down and warmed my heart. 

I’m blessed. I’m a liver.  I’m also a yellow. You’re welcome to call me a yellow liver.

I am here embarking on a journey of self-action.  I’ve seen many things transpire in life and I have been a part. Now I wish to orchestrate. And the 1st thing I orchestrate, I read this scroll as prescribed for 30 days…