Master Key Experience Week 20 – Read the Manual

Franklin makeover has been a do-able “assignment” for me, especially with a mastermind partner, because it narrowed the focus to one thing. It also confirms what the Master Key teaches, focus on the one main thing and allow everything else to fall into place, trust the process.

Over the last few weeks I noticed feelings of sluggishness in mental movement, thoughts and energy. I perceive that as evidence of the old blueprint but I didn’t recognize the source.  I thought that was okay, I didn’t want to focus or be distracted by whatever it was anyway.  I did not want to “feed that wolf.”

I used the law of substitution to choose thoughts and feelings that were more conducive to outcomes I had in mind for daily goals.  The Hedgehog Comparison this week confirmed beyond doubt what the main thing to focus on should be and all around me, goodness and things come into my life: people (Alma), experiences (Mersey Beatles Concert), things (car parts), as exemplified by the ever growing stacks of index cards. I feel I’m a nucleus with the energy of the universe spinning around me.

The small items I offered, a smile, a compliment did not feel substantial and I spent an afternoon asking people if they wanted information and if I could be of assistance.  I probably spoke to 100 people that afternoon mostly giving reciprocated smiles, mutual compliments and several hugs, but I came home with 10 names that are on my “prayer list” that goes into my sit every day.  I provided information to 2 people so far and will follow through to see if it helped.

Life seemed to shift with this change of behavior.  I went out into the world and now I notice more of the world around me.

Oddly I felt I did the franklin makeover to the exclusion of other assignments like writing a blog last week but failing to submit it.  But in truth, I am touching life in so many more ways and using the laws of the mind and the law of giving without awareness of them.


And the old blueprint, the shadow that befell my path weeks ago? A mantle I wore, picked up perhaps during a NARC exercise or while reading the obituaries everyday, a familiar feeling of loss mixed with grief, that the watchman did not guard against.  Even writing those words adds weight to my spirit. I am choosing to see those words in bright yellow light.  There is a place for those feelings and emotions to serve me as other tools I’m learning about are helping me hone a fulfilled life.  The law of practice allows me to master all things I focus on to the greater good.

The materials I’ve been exposed to in the Master Key course exemplifies user manuals for a better life have been written over and over for thousands of years.  According to ColorCode I’m a Yellow. I won’t argue with that assessment. So admittedly I’m having fun when I say, “Read the manual.” However, I am grateful to have found such a fountain of knowledge and I whole heartedly recommend reading the manuals and DOING the WORK.

6 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 20 – Read the Manual

  1. David Vance

    Thank you for sharing your experiences and application of the tools we’ve been given, Anita. I know once we have completed the course and commencement begins, I’m hitting rewind and starting from week 1 to reinforce and pick up what I missed on the first round. Great post!



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