Week 17 – Organization

I saw organization this week. What a blessed and peaceful virtue.. I had a mastermind. It was easy.  I want more easy.

On the Kindness journey, I offered to buy gas for a stranger again and found the person was in dire need of fuel.  In the process of moving he assumes his wallet is packed in one of the moving boxes and he had thoroughly searched his car for the change in his hand to buy a gallon of gas. He seemed truly stunned that I asked if I could buy his gas. I asked him to consider instead the paths each of us had taken to be at the same filling station at the same time when I was doing coursework that inspired me to make the offer to a stranger in the first place.

Positive word formations are around the next bend to be seen as I persist. If I do not find them there I will persist further until I see them again. I’m a little crusty and would rather be quiet. I realize I must shift my mental focus as well so If you’ll excuse me, I’ll go sit again.

5 thoughts on “Week 17 – Organization

  1. ceqceq123


    I love that you bought him gas and was there at the most perfect time. How kind of you. You made a difference and had great impact on him I am sure.

    I send you kindness, organization, love and blessings for you and for you to pass on to others.



  2. charleneaspire

    What a kind gesture. That memory will stay with that man the rest of his life. I know those kind of kindness shown to me over the years are there forever.



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