Master Key Experience Continuation – Ending the Blame Game

I’m thankful for the dictation option in Microsoft Windows 10. It can be initiated by pressing the windows logo key + H.  Like Marco Polo, this is allowing me to monitor my speech and story telling and ultimately refine how I think and modify my thought behavior.



  1. the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone.

“a true leader takes responsibility for their team and helps them achieve goals”

2. the state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something.

“the group has claimed responsibility for a string of murders”






3. the opportunity or ability to act independently and make decisions without authorization.

“we would expect individuals lower in the organization to take on more responsibility”

After experiencing the 7-Day Mental Diet repeatedly, can the 2nd meaning be more useless?  I once thought taking responsibility meant retribution. Shame and guilt were paralyzing since  nothing I could think to do could make it right. We cannot change the past, only what we think.

Now, I recognize where I am and take responsibility where I go from here if I do not like where I am.

I recently thought speaking of the past kept me in the past and I remained silent and immobile.

Today I recognize that any health challenges faced in the past and any stories I’ve told about those challenges are comparable to my favorite outfits worn over and over.  In the past I wore a green top with blue buttons where the blue buttons were cancer.  I cannot change the past. Today I may choose to keep that top or throw it away.  Those aren’t the only choices, I can cut off the blue buttons and sew on new ones…

I take full responsibility.

Master Key Experience Week 20 – Read the Manual

Franklin makeover has been a do-able “assignment” for me, especially with a mastermind partner, because it narrowed the focus to one thing. It also confirms what the Master Key teaches, focus on the one main thing and allow everything else to fall into place, trust the process.

Over the last few weeks I noticed feelings of sluggishness in mental movement, thoughts and energy. I perceive that as evidence of the old blueprint but I didn’t recognize the source.  I thought that was okay, I didn’t want to focus or be distracted by whatever it was anyway.  I did not want to “feed that wolf.”

I used the law of substitution to choose thoughts and feelings that were more conducive to outcomes I had in mind for daily goals.  The Hedgehog Comparison this week confirmed beyond doubt what the main thing to focus on should be and all around me, goodness and things come into my life: people (Alma), experiences (Mersey Beatles Concert), things (car parts), as exemplified by the ever growing stacks of index cards. I feel I’m a nucleus with the energy of the universe spinning around me.

The small items I offered, a smile, a compliment did not feel substantial and I spent an afternoon asking people if they wanted information and if I could be of assistance.  I probably spoke to 100 people that afternoon mostly giving reciprocated smiles, mutual compliments and several hugs, but I came home with 10 names that are on my “prayer list” that goes into my sit every day.  I provided information to 2 people so far and will follow through to see if it helped.

Life seemed to shift with this change of behavior.  I went out into the world and now I notice more of the world around me.

Oddly I felt I did the franklin makeover to the exclusion of other assignments like writing a blog last week but failing to submit it.  But in truth, I am touching life in so many more ways and using the laws of the mind and the law of giving without awareness of them.


And the old blueprint, the shadow that befell my path weeks ago? A mantle I wore, picked up perhaps during a NARC exercise or while reading the obituaries everyday, a familiar feeling of loss mixed with grief, that the watchman did not guard against.  Even writing those words adds weight to my spirit. I am choosing to see those words in bright yellow light.  There is a place for those feelings and emotions to serve me as other tools I’m learning about are helping me hone a fulfilled life.  The law of practice allows me to master all things I focus on to the greater good.

The materials I’ve been exposed to in the Master Key course exemplifies user manuals for a better life have been written over and over for thousands of years.  According to ColorCode I’m a Yellow. I won’t argue with that assessment. So admittedly I’m having fun when I say, “Read the manual.” However, I am grateful to have found such a fountain of knowledge and I whole heartedly recommend reading the manuals and DOING the WORK.

Master Key Week 19 – Breaking aBarrier

Walking, exercising and moving everyday has taken its pound of flesh literally, and taking initiative and observing same in the franklin makeover this week has me dotting away on the page again.  My competitive nature or inner game player thinks I’m winning when I darken the box as I see or do my featured virtue.  I know I also win with fewer dots because that indicates a weakness in a particular virtue. I win because I can focus and build awareness and grow.

We’re over 4 months into this course. Meditation everyday should be having an effect on everyone.

Love and Light

Week 18 – Master Key Experience – What a Week Observing Organization After a Week Observing Self-Control Did for Me

Last week’s Franklin makeover for me was Organization. I see it, I see it working and I can see where sometimes it isn’t set up quite right.  So I now recognize there are ways and there are better ways to organize.

I’ve probably been a category organizer which won’t effectively organize everything.  With an open mind, I have much to learn as I continue the Franklin Makeover, adding a new virtue each week, continuing to observe the virtues from previous weeks (for me self-control2, kindness and organization).  I observe new and old virtues and create organization where there is seemingly none. I maintain self-control and I perform and observe acts of kindness.

This weekly blog has been the closest thing to a journal I’ve ever maintained.  Now with the Daily 5, a new pattern in my life is emerging, a record of goodness.

The Daily 5 are:

1. Write down 3 things I’m grateful for in the last 24 hours, tomorrow can’t repeat today

2. Write 1-2 sentences about a good experience I had in the last 24 hours

3. Exercise, do some movement that oxygenates the body and stirs the fluids within it

4. Sit/meditate, if a particular thought is focused on during meditation, write it down

5. Kindness: a. Do a random act of kindness; b. observe a kindness, write them down

Having become a person who observes, records and participates in such goodness, there is no doubt the value of my living life. Only the question, “Will I really live it? Or will I say, “Yes, this new place is good, I’ll stay here or go a different way.” Letting yet another opportunity pass, letting another call to greatness go unheeded?”

No such drama, my birthplace is a vineyard where there is fruit for all. I’m open minded, what fruit is for me may not be fruit for you, but until everyone knows there’s fruit and plenty of it, I have a worthwhile cause. I have work to do.

The birds, the wind, the sea and all nature speaks with the music of praise for their creator. I speak with the same music. I greet this day with love in my heart.

I build my castle one brick at a time, for I know that small attempts, repeated, will complete any undertaking. I persist, I succeed, I win.

The miracle which produced me extends to my deeds of today. I am nature’s greatest miracle.

I lift my arms in thanks for the priceless gift of a new day and I beat on my heart with gratitude as I consider all who greeted yesterday’s sunrise but are no longer with the living today. I live this day as if it is my last. And I ask you to stay.

Week 17 – Organization

I saw organization this week. What a blessed and peaceful virtue.. I had a mastermind. It was easy.  I want more easy.

On the Kindness journey, I offered to buy gas for a stranger again and found the person was in dire need of fuel.  In the process of moving he assumes his wallet is packed in one of the moving boxes and he had thoroughly searched his car for the change in his hand to buy a gallon of gas. He seemed truly stunned that I asked if I could buy his gas. I asked him to consider instead the paths each of us had taken to be at the same filling station at the same time when I was doing coursework that inspired me to make the offer to a stranger in the first place.

Positive word formations are around the next bend to be seen as I persist. If I do not find them there I will persist further until I see them again. I’m a little crusty and would rather be quiet. I realize I must shift my mental focus as well so If you’ll excuse me, I’ll go sit again.

Week 17HJ – See Saw and the Hero’s Journey

I see limitations in all the words I write. Words no longer express the joy I feel. I’m blaming words for not flowing but words aren’t the only thing. I recognize the tension, I haven’t done all my homework. I still have to do… what.

I have been taking a class.  At least I’ve treated this Master Key Master Mind Alliance like a class, a study class.  If anything, it’s an exercise class,  mental calisthenics. My mind is a muscle. I’m ready to lift a little weight (please refrain from other thoughts and comments about my derriere).

My former thoughts and feelings about class, homework assignments, and a bit of competition have skewed  my perspective.

I apologize for the delay, I know that’s not necessary. I appreciate the patience of my future self.  With my press release firmly outlined, I saw how these exercises have been warm-ups, stretches and endurance training for the long haul. I not only walk new trails, I climb new heights.

When I began this course I wrote about a destination much like throwing a dart at a map. I did not see all the intricacies involved or the people involved. What I did see was satisfaction and I’ve continued to see and feel satisfaction as this course has progressed.

Now I can look back from the destination and at people who were friends and helpers, places that were restful havens, foods that were delicious and nutritious.

I have a different measure today of the progress this journey takes.

Week 16 – H2O

Week 16 – H2O

In the master key part 16 paragraph 37, Haanel talks about Harmony and Happiness being states of consciousness.  Being happy and in harmony, together with an Open Mind, I can acquire the mental attitude to bring about any desired result through awareness of my spiritual nature and my unity with the infinite source.

This realization attracts everything necessary for my life’s fulfillment. This is scientific, right or correct thinking. When I open myself and acquire this mental attitude it is comparatively easy to accept my desires are already accomplished. My attitude allows me to transcend time and know the future I desire is on the way. When we do this we shall have found the “Truth” and be “free” from every lack or limitation of any kind.

Master Key Experience: Week 16 What is a Hug? — Chit Chat with KAT

This week we are encouraged to pass out hugs. Have you ever noticed that hugs and smiles always go together? A hug is free and yet it gives two people back so much, It is a celebration in the moment, it changes your day for the better, It is brief, but impactful, It is a […]

Master Key Experience: Week 16 What is a Hug? — ChitChatwithKAT

Week 15 – I Still Imagine the Day, Write It Down and Let It Go

I’m happy to see that after such a long time, good habits remain in place and skills sharpened allow so much to be accomplished in a day. Obviously I may choose to leave the awards ceremony early this evening after I see Joachim and Trish (former students) present this year’s Fishes and Loaves Award for service with the greatest impact for 2042. They didn’t tell me who was receiving it. I still don’t keep secrets well. As always I look forward to journaling tomorrow.

Journal entry 23 April 2043 am

Slept well – 5 ½ hrs dreamt Angie/King’s Canyon

Thank you for the auspicious clematis blooms in the atrium.

Thank you for support from Jim and Angela and the Southern District Council addressing sanitation for the West Indies project.

Thank you for Trinity, may her heart be patient, her mind be open and her eyes be filled with wonder.

GS 2/MK 18/sit

Tai Chi

Smoothie blueberry/sunflower w/Shelagh (ask about daughter/grandchildren)

Call Tracey/Patrice/Claudia & Wolfgang

Kitchen detail

Interview Trinity/tour grounds/zipline?

Lunch with Trinity/Azure

Thank you cards to Hannah/Ruth/Benjamin

Review edits chapter 8


Dinner/Verde/Joachim & Trish/Graduation/scholarships/awards