Week 15 – I Still Imagine the Day, Write It Down and Let It Go

I’m happy to see that after such a long time, good habits remain in place and skills sharpened allow so much to be accomplished in a day. Obviously I may choose to leave the awards ceremony early this evening after I see Joachim and Trish (former students) present this year’s Fishes and Loaves Award for service with the greatest impact for 2042. They didn’t tell me who was receiving it. I still don’t keep secrets well. As always I look forward to journaling tomorrow.

Journal entry 23 April 2043 am

Slept well – 5 ½ hrs dreamt Angie/King’s Canyon

Thank you for the auspicious clematis blooms in the atrium.

Thank you for support from Jim and Angela and the Southern District Council addressing sanitation for the West Indies project.

Thank you for Trinity, may her heart be patient, her mind be open and her eyes be filled with wonder.

GS 2/MK 18/sit

Tai Chi

Smoothie blueberry/sunflower w/Shelagh (ask about daughter/grandchildren)

Call Tracey/Patrice/Claudia & Wolfgang

Kitchen detail

Interview Trinity/tour grounds/zipline?

Lunch with Trinity/Azure

Thank you cards to Hannah/Ruth/Benjamin

Review edits chapter 8


Dinner/Verde/Joachim & Trish/Graduation/scholarships/awards

13 thoughts on “Week 15 – I Still Imagine the Day, Write It Down and Let It Go

  1. thefabdmasterkey

    3 Tomatoes are walking down the street. Momma Tomato, Papa Tomato & Baby Tomato. Now Baby Tomato keeps lagging behind and Papa Tomato gets mad and walks back and squished Baby Tomato and says, “Catch up!” So Catch up!

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